We offer premium fabrics and accessories from United Kingdom and Italy. Working with the best tailors and designers in Malaysia.
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Written by L.W.

A Tailor's Tailor

Humble Beginnings

Born in the 80’s, Tommy Cha grew up in the vibrant city of Kuala Lumpur, and even as a young man stepping out into the working world, Tommy has always believed in dressing well. To him, possessing an impeccable fashion sense is something every man should strive to achieve - because style speaks of confidence.

It was in the 90’s during the early years of his career as a Business Development career in various industries, when Tommy discovered his love for men’s bespoke fashion when Ian,
a former De-Catano tailor, made his first custom suit.

Inspired by the craft and the experience of having attire made to fit perfectly, Tommy’s journey into the world of bespoke fashion truly began in 2011 when he was offered the opportunity of a lifetime - to set up a textile distribution company with Ziad and establishing Zeetash Holdings.

It was a poignant moment in Tommy’s career but 2013 was the true turning point that saw him further established
himself as a textile distributor -
when he founded Opulence Trading. 

A man with a vision

Tommy was a man with a dream - to inspire Malaysian men to develop their own sense of style and confidence, and to help encourage the growth of Malaysia’s upcoming generation of bespoke tailors.

Going beyond textile distribution, Tommy wanted to share his knowledge and experience that he has acquired from his Italian mentor, Mr. Roberto Bulli, over the last 8 years. Teaming up with his mentor early 2018, Tommy began conducting textile training workshops for designers and tailors as well as providing marketing
support to upcoming tailors. 

To date, Opulence Trading provides a meticulously curated range
of bespoke products to selected tailors in Malaysia:

Premium English textiles by
Hardy Minnis, Huddersfield, Cancili
Superior quality Italian inner linings 
Fine accessories and buttons

Special Thanks to

 Mr. Bob Mc Auley
Mr. Roberto Bulli 
Mr. Alan
Mr. Danny
Mr. Desmond
Mr. Ian
Mr. Jerrick
Mr. Sunny
Mr. Ziad

All our dealers & Customers.


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