We offer premium fabrics and accessories from United Kingdom and Italy. Working with the best tailors and designers in Malaysia.
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Hardy Minnis

Hardy Minnis was established in the late 1960’s by the merger of two famous Woollen Merchants, John G Hardy and J&J Minnis. The two companies were well known in their own right and had, over the years, become two of the most respected cloth merchants in the trade.

Mr. John G Hardy founded his company in the 1890’s. An intrepid explorer and something of an eccentric, he scoured small mills around the UK for Tweeds and Country cloths. Legend has it he was one of the first cloth merchants to visit the Scottish Highlands and Hebrides, and to introduce Shetland and Harris Tweeds to the tailors of the world. He was allegedly so protective of his sources that on his return trips to London, he’d smuggle the new found fabric swatches under his top hat!

As his reputation grew, the popularity of signature cloths such as Alsport caught the attention of the Royal Family and in 1929 the Duke of York who would later become King George VI, used a John G. Hardy cloth for the Regimental Tweed of the Brigade of Guards. When King Edward VIII was the Prince of Wales, he acquired from John G. Hardy the black & white district check that would later bear his name. Since the 1930’s the company has been privileged to hold Official Warrants for the supply of cloth to the Royal Household.

J&J Minnis had an even earlier pedigree having been established in 1874 in London’s West End. Brothers James and John Minnis built up a company which is acknowledged as one of the oldest and most respected names in the cloth merchanting business world-wide.

Savile Row was well established as the world’s most prestigious street for gentlemen’s clothing when J&J Minnis took up residence at Number 16, in 1902. The company soon developed a reputation for its luxury fabrics and fine designs and became the primary cloth resource for its esteemed neighbours along ‘The Row’. J&J Minnis is also widely credited with being the first British cloth merchant to introduce Savile Row quality fabrics into the Japanese market.


Huddersfield Fine Worsteds

HFW is celebrated for taking great care to select only premium products and designs to form a collection of the World’s Finest Fabrics. From the phenomenal Blenheim Super 140’s, to Classic Linens and our stunning printed linings, we have an unrivalled array of cloths to choose from.

Records show that Cam Mills, Hunt & Winterbotham’s original home in South West England, was manufacturing cloth as early as 1532. The Hunt & Winterbotham name itself dates back to the 1860’s when Thomas Hunt and Arthur Brent Winterbotham joined forces, officially registering the company in 1887.

The mills, historic specialties were heavy industrial cloths for billiard tables and Military Uniforms. However, it was their more elegant woollen and worsted cloths that made the Hunt & Winterbotham name recognised the world over.

Strong competition from Yorkshire’s mills saw the West of England’s textile industry slip into decline and in the 1920’s Hunt & Winterbotham amalgamated with other local mills as ‘Winterbotham, Strachan and Playne’. They changed course and developed the merchant side of their business with prestigious offices on London’s Golden Square. They became particularly well known in the USA where they had stores on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills and 5th Avenue in New York City, as well as “shops at sea” on Cunard’s trans-Atlantic cruises. Seventy successful years later the company came into the hands of Yorkshire’s famous Illingworth Morris group and the Hunt & Winterbotham name was resurrected.

Nearly 500 years since its beginnings in Cam and now under the wing of Huddersfield Fine Worsteds, Hunt & Winterbotham continues to supply World’s Finest Fabrics to the most prestigious tailors and design houses.

Huddersfield Fine Worsted Factor 

Photo from the Archives of Huddersfield Fine Worsteds, United Kingdom

1930 - 1951

More Brands


Roger La Viale

“Clothes make the man, Roger La Viale makes the cloth.”

Elegance is an art form.

To be truly elegant, a man must feel comfortable and confident in his clothing. The selections from Roger La Viale’s iconic ranges ensure a man’s custom wardrobe rises to any occasion.

Across 2 generations, Roger La Viale delivered nothing short of brilliance in terms of sourcing the finest products. The brand is a known fabric innovator that continues to bring new developments to the market.

With offices and design teams across 3 continents, we have been servicing the tailored clothing trade for the past 9 decades supplying finest fabrics from Asia and Europe. The design team is highly respected for its creative, stylish patterns that are easy to wear and belong in every man’s wardrobe.

It is this legacy of merchandizing that continues to inspire the current team at Roger La Viale.


Taggs of Mayfair 1863- Accessories


Our British Made Accessories, Customize Logo printed in display case and wide range of accessories from Cufflinks, Ties, Bow-ties, Brace and more.

Established in 1863 formally know as W J Tagg of London Mayfair in 1986 the family bought the business. 

Italian brands

we offers wide range of italian made items for bespoke tailor, garment maker and fashion designer. includes shirts fabrics - canclini, suits interlining - Rovagnati & crafted buttons - UBIC. 


Out Italian Shirts Textile

Canclini were base in Como Lake, Italy. Well recognized around the world. with wide range of collections,
any unique clothing fabrics from light weight denim to silk mix cotton & finest print. 


over 800 variants

A collection of classics available in the warehouse. Over 800 variants available to customers that require immediate delivery. Canclini fabrics are made exclusively from compact single yarns and long staple twisted yarns in pure Egyptian cotton and linen, which have undergone stringent tests right from the harvesting of the raw material.


Creating together, side by side.

Canclini Tessile started over 80 years ago, in 1925, when the company was set up as part of the silk industry in the Como area. The first generational change took place in the Sixties. The outstanding experience acquired in working with a precious and luxury fibre like silk together with the tenacity and laboriously bard work that are typical of the genuine Como entrepreneurship led the family to abandon the silk sector for cotton in the Sixties.

Our Italian Button Range are made entirely in Italy.
UBIC was in the buttons manufacturing since 1845,
we offer Corozo, Horn, Mother of pearl, Zama & Brass. 


Horn &  shell buttons


nikel & brass Buttons


gold & silver Buttons

Rovagnati Vincenzo

Our interlining range for Bespoke tailor - with canvas making, tuxedo lapel and trousers.
we custom made for bespoke tailor requirement.  


Horse hair for canvas

The purpose of the canvassing is to provide structural support for the jacket to ensure it drapes properly and so that it continues to maintain shape over time.


tuxedo lapel silk

a shawl collar faced in satin, 

A Tuxedo is a semi-formal three or two piece suit for evening wear, distinguished primarily by satin or grosgrain jacket's lapels, and similar stripes along the outseam of the trousers.


shoulder padding

Shoulder pads are a type of fabric-covered padding used in men's and women's clothing to give the wearer the illusion of having broader and less sloping shoulders.


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